Laptop Karaoke Systems Explained and Laptop Karaoke Software

Laptop karaoke systems are increasing in popularity amongst KJ operators who are often on the move. We will tell you about laptop karaoke systems and the benefits of using a laptop the core of a karaoke system.

FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator Review

Creating karaoke songbooks has been simplified by Karaokeware with their songbook creation software called FastTracks V2 SongBook Creator. We will talk about FastTracks and some of the features of this karaoke songbook software.

Karaoke Songbook Software – About Karaoke Songbook Creation Software

Karaoke songbook software can be used to design and print your own karaoke songbook. We will  talk about some common features of karaoke songbook software and highlight some stand out software in the industry.

CDG Players and Information about This Popular Type of Karaoke Player

If you are a karaoke enthusiast I am sure you have heard of a CDG player many times before. If this is all new to you then we will tell you about CDG players and what they are and how they are used for karaoke.

Karaoke Songbooks and How to Make Your Own Karaoke Songbook

Karaoke songbooks are a useful tool that assist your karaoke event guests picking songs to sing. Learn about karaoke songbooks and read some tips on creating your own karaoke songbook.