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Slep-Tone Entertainment Corporation, the makers of Sound Choice karaoke disks, have filed a lawsuit against 53 karaoke venues and karaoke jockeys in the Las Vegas area.

Slep-Tone alleges it is being run out of business because KJs and karaoke entertainment venues in Las Vegas and across the nation have saved money at its expense by format-shifting its disks to MP3G or WAV+G formats and media-shifting the tracks from the compact disks on which they are sold to computer hard drives. Slep-Tone alleges the selling of counterfeit copies has allowed people to get into the KJ business with only a nominal investment in their library without Sound Choice being paid anything for its product.

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For detailed information on this topic you can read articles published by Robert J. Kossack, Esq., noted Las Vegas civil rights attorney at www.soundchoicelasvegaslawsuit.com.